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Toyota NDCN W55 Navigation DVD Japan 2005 janfla




The most well-known parts of navigation systems are usually the GPS receiver and the display. Navigation systems use an infrared (IR) remote control to select or start the system. Some systems also have buttons or switches on the controller or the display. Japan has a number of manufacturing companies that produce navigation units for Toyota, Mazda, and Nissan. The display in some navigation systems can only show compass data (such as the current bearing) or map data (such as a map of the current area). This is useful when using the navigation system outdoors or when the car is moving; otherwise the display might become a distraction. The data displayed can be used to guide the driver by, for example, indicating a route or turning to a specified destination. Accessories The most basic accessories for navigation systems include a set of base (navigation) discs and a DVD player (or CD player). Navigation units may also include a few accessories, such as a DVD/CD changer, trip computer, or a CD- or DVD-R/RW drive. The former two types of devices may also be included in built-in units. Some navigation systems include a hard disk (HDD) or solid-state drive (SSD) in addition to the navigation discs and DVD player. The hard drive is used as a place to save data used for navigation. Display Navigation systems typically include a 12- or 15-inch liquid-crystal display. A smaller LCD display, approximately 3 to 4 inches diagonally, is usually included in an in-dash unit. This display is used for displaying navigational menus, the map display, etc. The LCD display on a CD player is usually about 5 inches diagonally. Generally, navigation systems are designed to offer a higher resolution and clearer picture for the map display than the HD DVD player. This is because navigation systems are designed to display map data rather than video data, and because the quality of a navigation system's map display is usually less important than the video quality in a DVD player. Some navigation systems have a built-in liquid-crystal display (LCD), and others use an external display, such as a liquid-crystal display module (LCM) or DVD player (or the back of the navigation system). The LCD display in a navigation system can be set to four or five different power settings: high, low, auto, off, or sleep. The auto mode



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Toyota NDCN W55 Navigation DVD Japan 2005 janfla

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