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The 20-Minute Solution to Your Worst Restroom Problems

A Master Class in Eliminating the Top 7 Restroom Pain Points


A poor restroom experience can make a customer's first visit their last. This 20-minute webinar will show you how to tackle the top 7 restroom issues facing facility managers today. In this session, presented by facility maintenance expert, J.J. Arsenault, and cleaning, hygiene and sanitation expert Bruce Ferguson, you'll learn how to:


  • Increase efficiency

  • Eliminate supply issues

  • Lower cleaning program costs

  • Improve customer satisfaction


Attendees also receive a comprehensive solution guide and our experts' perspectives on how innovative, digital solutions can maximize efficiency, lower costs and make the right impression on your guests.


Ready to tackle your biggest restroom headaches? Space is limited - register today!



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The Restroom Maintenance Master Class is the best 20-minute investment you can make in improving your facility's restrooms. And, if you have a bit more time, stay for a live chat to ask specific questions about how to eliminate restroom pain points in your facility.

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2020 Conference & Trade Show

For employers who wish to post employment opportunities or professionals seeking rewarding careers. 

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Cold & Flu Webinar

Learn how to identify, control and eliminate outbreaks -- fast!


Cold and flu season causes 1.5 million missed workdays every year, affecting health, wellness and overall workplace productivity. Join our 20-minute Master Class to learn to identify, efficiently control and eliminate outbreaks to protect your workforce and your business.


This second installment in our cold and flu webinar series will be presented by recognized Infection Control Specialist, Barley Chironda, RPN and Cleaning, Hygiene & Sanitation expert, David L. Smith, ESP. You'll learn:


  • How to structure your outbreak management team

  • The 9-step outbreak action plan

  • Site-specific workplace strategies

  • Key steps to reduce outbreak impact


You'll also receive a free Cold & Flu Outbreak Management Guide including outbreak cleaning strategies with step-by-step processes for managing outbreaks in long-term care homes, post-secondary campuses,building service contractors and correctional facilities.


Don't get caught by the flu. Space is limited - register today!