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Who We Are

CAEM has No Boundaries

The Canadian Association of Environmental Management was established in 1972 as the Canadian Administrative Housekeepers Association (CAHA) and changed its name in 2003 to better reflect the growing changes to the healthcare industry as it relates to Environmental Services.

CAEM’s principle function is to promote the professional growth and development of its members and support best practice cleaning and disinfection practices with the objective of reducing healthcare and community acquired infections caused by environmental surface contamination.

Community acquired infections are on the rise; therefore CAEM opened its membership to all industries responsible for cleaning and disinfecting. We are the only association in Canada that provides a National forum for all facets of the Housekeeping industry.


Our members are individuals in a position of responsibility for Environmental Services (Housekeeping) in any type of industry. We are Managers, Supervisors, Cleaning Industry Suppliers and Infection Prevention Professionals.

CAEM is a not for profit organization representing Canada, however we have opened our doors to the world of Environmental Services. Between 2014 and 2016, we introduced 50 new “Certified” (CEM) members from Saudi Arabia as a result of our partnership with CleanLearning.

Where We Work

CAEM works with every organization that supports its mandate. We work closely with all our industry partners and alliances Internationally.

Look to CAEM for Canadian perspective on cleaning and disinfection today and into the future. Become a member and help us build strength and professionalism to our industry.

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