CAEM is pleased to recognize Canada's National Cleaning Certification Program CleanLearning. One standard of clean for all industries:


Hospitality - Health Care - Commercial Cleaners - In-house/Contract Firms

Totally Unique Program:

A Standard Cleaning Program - A Consistent Training Program - A Core Competency Program - A Certification Program


Levels of Certification


CEH Certification

To become a Certified Environmental Housekeeper a participant will be required to complete the twelve modules and an on-line evaluation component on the CleanLearning website. This is achieved by the manager conducting the CleanLearning program with the housekeeper and directing them to the evaluation component after each group of three modules is completed. When all four segments of the evaluation have been completed successfully (75% or higher in each segment) the participant will become a Certified Environmental Housekeeper (CEH).


CEM Certification

Managers and supervisors are also able to receive additional certification and become a Certified Environmental Manager (CEM). As well as completing the requirements for a CEH, they are required to successfully complete an additional evaluation component and facilitate the successful completion of the program by a minimum of four housekeepers.

CEM certification also has the added benefit of one free CAEM membership for one year. This applies to new memberships only.


CET Certification

The final level of certification, Certified Environmental Team (CET), is given to a facility when the whole housekeeping team has become certified. This the highest achievement for the housekeeping team, as it acknowledges that all managers, supervisors and housekeepers have successfully completed this training program. Organizations that complete the requirements for CET must make application to CleanLearning for their CET Certification.





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