Updated September 28th, 2016
Taking Action - Conference and Trade Show

Thank you for attending this year’s Conference & Trade Show at the Nottawasaga Inn and Golf Resort! We are proud to have been able to bring together members of environmental agencies from across the country to share ideas, solutions, and success stories.

As you know, the CAEM Conference brings you the unique opportunity to interact with colleagues who have also dedicated their professional lives to the health of our environment.


We are pleased to let you know that the presentations from this year’s conference is now available for download from the links below.  Again, thank you again for being part of such a wonderful conference experience!

Taking Action Presentation documents:

Sealed Air - Diversey Care
Vector-Borne Villains: Is it Safe to go Outdoors?
Jim Gauthier, MLT CIC
Senior Clinical Advisor, Infection Prevention

Working Relationships
Bridging the gap of ICP's and EVS professionals
Barley Chironda RPN CIC
National HealthCare Sales Director Clorox Canada

PIDAC Update
Revised Environmental Cleaning Document
Matthew P. Muller, MD, PhD, FRCPC
Medical Director, Infection Prevention and Control, St. Michael's Hospital
Chair, PIDAC Infection Control Committee

Breaking the Chain of Toxic Behaviours!
Disruptive Behaviours in the Workplace Can Spread Like an Infection
Dr. Elizabeth Holloway & Dr. Mitchell Kusy
Graduate School of Leadership & Change for Healthcare, Antioch University

Importance of Audit and Audit Compliance to Reduce HAI
New concept in Audit
Dr. Patrick Marchand

Cleaning Audits Visual, UV Marker, Coaching & ATP
The Benefits Of These Systems

Diane Richard, Director of Product Development


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